At Reflex Goalkeeping our programs are designed for goalkeepers of all ages and abilities. Whether it is a child in the beginning stages with a special interest in goalkeeping or an advanced goalkeeper, our coaching staff are fully equipped with knowledge, versatility and experience.

Personal ‘one on one’ training

The one on one private coaching sessions are a personally designed program focusing on the individual needs and abilities of the keeper. Emphasis is placed on identifying a keepers strengths and weaknesses, allowing the coach to tailor training drills which address specific concerns or areas of improvement. Video footage may be used if necessary, as feedback to analyse play.

Senior Development Training

Group training for senior keepers is based around a maximum of 4 players at any one time from ages 18 and over. The program predominately focuses on technical aspects of goalkeeping and improving game performance. A lot of focus is placed on technique and on a strengthening and conditioning program which will improve speed, strength, agility, co-ordination and flexibility. It is our philosophy to try and recreate as many situations as possible, so that each keeper is prepared for anything that may arise.

Junior and Youth Development Training

Junior and Youth players will work within a group of a maximum of 8 goalkeepers at any one time from ages 7-17. They are taught the basic and proper techniques from lateral footwork, stance, positioning and basic diving. Teaching the correct techniques at an early age will provide the necessary support for keepers to reach their full potential as they progress. The program places emphasis on activities that will build their enthusiam and passion for goalkeeping whilst having fun.

Scholarships and Tryouts

Reflex Goalkeeping works in conjunction with the Dusan Purac International Football Academy, andGO Sports for keepers looking at trying out for overseas clubs or colleges. We also have an extensive list of contacts with sports agents for keepers willing to pursue their ambitions of becoming a professional goalkeeper.